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How we do it: Experiential wisdom

Our solutions respond to your organizational needs. We take it from the information that you provide to us and jointly design the course of action that we will then implement as skillful facilitators.

Our intervention is purely experiential.  We want you to feel and sense it.  We strongly believe that the full insight and profound understanding that experience grants leads to the natural and long-lasting change that you need.  In Joe Dispenza’s words: “Intelligence is the learnt knowledge, and wisdom is the experienced knowledge.

  1. Coaching

    As coaches we facilitate personal development and interpersonal relations.

    Coaching is a vehicle that helps to identify motivations and blocks, develops the capacity of choice and leads to action that generates desired results and a learning experience.

    We coach:

    • Executives
    • Teams
    • Individuals
  2. Training and Mentoring

    We provide tools and a space for growth.

    We offer training and mentoring programs that allow our experts to transfer their knowledge and experience in a wide variety of topics.

    • We use practical and theoretical methods that allow immediate application of the learnt concepts.
    • We design outdoor training to diagnose and develop managerial competencies. 
  3. Collaborative Culture

    We develop collective intelligence to facilitate professional growing. We encourage self-discovery, collaborative work and cross-departmental culture, through:

    • Shared leadership and top-performing teams
    • Professional co-development
    • Appreciative inquiry
    • Work and life balance: focusing on results
    • Corporate Wellbeing culture